Justin Ferguson prides himself on believing no goal is too challenging and with the right work ethic and approach that the goal will become a reality.  Throughout his career he has achieved success following this mantra, whether it is developing a vision, taking a handful of ideas and making them a tangible objective, or creating and implementing plans to achieve the desired outcome.

Mr. Ferguson has developed an acute understanding of how to set a course of action, communicate effectively, develop strategies, implement plans, build coalitions, and manage projects.  This skill set has helped Justin not only further his goals but assist corporations, politicians, and not-for-profits to achieve theirs.

Outside of work, Justin carries this same approach to life in general.  He believes that each and every person has the opportunity to make the world a better place.  Justin believes that the more we learn, the more we innovative, the more we dream, and the more we challenge the status quo, the smarter we will be and the better off the world will be because of it.  For Justin, it is not ok to simply stay quiet when you don’t believe in the direction that is being taken.

In Justin’s free time he enjoys running marathons, raising money for charity, reading and learning, and spending time understanding new approaches to problems.

Justin is the principal of  Cosmos Strategies and the founder of

Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and History with a concentration in International Relations from Carleton University and has completed various post graduate training courses.