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Canada needs industries that generate taxes to get us on the road to recovery. Like Canada's oil and gas industry, that is among the best in the world, environmentally and socially.

Tell your MP you are for Canada and Canada's resource industries!

Show support for Canada's world class energy industry by using this site to poke your MP

enough is enough - quit dawdling - there are many forms of support available - from structures (income trusts) to buying back tax pools to minimum energy pricing ...

Michael Moore decided to tell the truth that the eco movement is actually about socialism and population control.

Eco - lefists are turning on him for exposing the impacts of green energy.

I see it's #ableg #OutrageDuJour time again...

The Premier's full answer on those who argue we should surrender global energy markets to some of the world's worst regimes as part of some socialist 'Green New Deal' quest. #ableg

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