The Power of a Smile


By: Justin Ferguson

A smile, the simplest of gestures but one that some find so hard to complete.  However, could you, just for a second, imagine a world where we smiled, where we smiled at the random people we meet on the street, or the people standing in line while we wait for our coffee?  It is hard to imagine for many but think about it, think about the simple pleasure that comes from somebody seeming as though they care for your well being, even just for a second.

Now, think about the pleasure you receive from having somebody smile at you just for that second and ask yourself, can I receive pleasure from knowing that I am providing pleasure to others.  When one thinks in this manner they should easily recognize that smiling at somebody else is a self-gratifying experience, which should be cause alone to simply smile at others and improve that other person’s life.  That is the power of a smile, the ability to give one’s self pleasure, while potentially making the world of difference in somebody else’s life.

If each of us simply smiles at the people we meet, no matter what the situation, we have a chance to live aSmarterWay.

And, just in case you are not convinced, here is a post from Wikipedia on smiling:  “A smile seems to have a favorable influence upon others and makes one likable and more approachable.”[3]

The power of a smile, never forget it and you can make the world of difference.

Justin Ferguson is the Principal of Cosmos Strategies, the Founder of, an avid marathoner, a supporter of charities, including: Wake Up Narcolepsy and Sick Kids Hospital, and a believer that anything is possible.